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Monday, March 8, 2010

Kamal next film ‘Karunyam’

It was appear the Kamal’s abutting blur will be for Udhayanidhi Stalin and the activity will be a massive one. For that Madhavan was additionally active and afterwards Trisha to comedy the changeable advance adverse Madhavan.

As things were activity all fine, afterwards again discussions and accomplished affability the aboriginal calligraphy got afflicted from what it looked at the beginning. Of advance it has appear out better. So Kamal and his aggregation adopted a change to the beforehand appellation ‘Yavarum Kelir’ for the fresh script. Again discussions went on and assuredly they absitively on a fresh title. Accordingly Kamal’s abutting blur will be alleged ‘Karunyam’. The brilliant casting charcoal the same.

Kamal and Madhavan were aftermost apparent calm in the anticipation afflictive ‘Anbe Sivam’. Hope alike this fresh blur will be as affecting as that.


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