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Monday, March 8, 2010

Thala's next film kaaval

Ajith has appear out of all the contempo affairs which fabricated him abide bashful from announcement annihilation about his 50th film. Now that all is able-bodied he is active alive on the project.

It will be cop news and was appear that the appellation would be ‘Thuppariyum Anand’. But our sources now say, that ‘Thuppariyum Anand’ was never beneath application and now Goutham has appropriate the appellation ‘Kaaval’ for the film. Goutham has activated for the appellation to Blur Chamber and already the approval comes it will be appear officially.

Another above development in the action is that Ajith’s affected is planning to allure Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and the accompaniment DIG would for the barrage function.

For information, ‘Kaaval’ was the appellation of a blur appear in 1985 starring Thyagarajan and Nalini. It was the Tamil accommodate of Govind Nihalani’s off exhausted Hindi blur ‘Ardh Satya’. The 1985 blur was additionally the news of an cocked cop


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