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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mundhinam Parthene Sanjay talking about Jayam ravi

Sanjay who did the advance role in the blur Mundhinam Parthene while speaking to the media said,” Though I accept brash Hotel Management my accomplished absorption was on cinema. Seeing my affection for cinema, my acquaintance Jayam Ravi brash me to do the acting advance in a blur convention at Mumbai.

After a lot of trying, I got the befalling to do the advance role in Mundhinam Parthene. I accept got lot of appreciations for acting in this film. The acclaim goes to administrator Magizh Thirumeni. He was the one who brought out the baby intricacies from me.

I am all additionally beholden at this point of time to ambassador Manickam Narayanan sir for introducing me. Next I am acting in a blur to be directed by Magizh Thirumeni and in a blur to be presented by my brother Kumar. I am added absorbed to act in roles which accord ambit for acting than acting in activity aggressive films. My role archetypal is Ajith.”


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