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Friday, December 11, 2009

Priyanka Chopra participate the "Miss World"celebration

The bollywood hottie Priyanka Chopra will be abutting the ‘Miss World’ celebration nine years afterwards acceptable the appellation. The beauty queen turned actress will be seen in the beauty pageant podium in Johannesburg as a judge for the final round of 2009 Miss World contest on December 12.
"When Julia Morley, who is in charge of the beauty pageant, invited me to be a judge, I was ecstatic. There I was a teenager all those years ago, nervous as a help on the same platform. Now I’m going in a totally different capacity," Priyanka, who acted opposite Vijay in 'Thamizhan', was quoted as saying.
Priyanka says she considers the invitation very prestigious and is very happy to be part of the coveted contest despite her busy shooting schedules around.
She says the year 2009 is very lucky to her. "This was a good year and hopefully 2010 will be as good if not better." The actress will start the year with ‘Pyaar Impossible’ which will hit theatres in January.


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A beautiful girl..

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